Gerstner Workshop Special Nameplate Upgrade!

While each kit starts with the same parts, no two chests will end up identical when complete. That's what makes the Style 35 Kit Chest such a unique project piece. It's been a little more than a year since we introduced the Gerstner Workshop Build-Your-Own kit and already we've been amazed by the finished project photos we have received. Now we want to see what you've created and how you personalized your chest.  In return for your photo we'll send you the New Brass Gerstner Workshop nameplate to replace the original plastic prototype nameplate. (Hold on to that, it's now a collector's piece showing that you had one of the first Gerstner Workshop Build-Your-Own kits ever produced.)

 New Brass Nameplate!

To receive your new nameplate simple email your photos, along with your
name and address to:


Offer ends 12/31/2013.
Proof of purchase of a Style 35 Kit Chest is required. A photo of your Style 35 Kit Chest,
in any stage of completion, will constitute proof of purchase. 
One brass nameplate will be sent per purchased Style 35 Kit Chest.